Inspiration... David JimenezJun 24, 2008

Every month our blog will feature a designer who is creating beautiful interiors which we hope will serve as inspiration to you.

This month we'd like to introduce David Jimenez, a US designer and author whose work has been widely published in numerous books, magazines and newspapers. Like many successful designers David has applied his creativity to a broad range of fields; from retail design and merchandising, event design and of course interiors. He has kindly written a few words for us on his approach to interior design, colours, and his use of textiles:

"I enjoy working with a neutral color palette because it creates an environment that feels immediately warm, comfortable and inviting. Additionally, it makes it easy to create a visual thread throughout a home when you use neutral colors. In order to keep the rooms fresh and interesting, I use contrasting textures (from velvet to leather), incorporate geometric patterns and use black accents in the way of lamp shades, artwork, rugs and furnishings that add strong contrast and create a look that is classic and elegant."


The image above is an example of his work, alongside we have included some colour swatches of our linen Logan as an example of his gorgeous colour palette.

I highly recommend that you check out his beautiful website. His interiors have a refined, timeless quality but also possess a fresh, contemporary edge; something we try to create with our own collections here at Unique.


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