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Here's a blog post for fans of Chivasso, the popular international textile house we represent. I recently interviewed the co-founders (and husband and wife) Richard Schutte and Ellen Steentjes for Luxury Home Design and thought you'd like to read some excerpts. Accompanying the text I've included some images from their recent release 'Reflections'.


What inspired both of you to start the business?
Growing up as a young boy style, design and business sense were all intricately woven into the fabric of everyday life. My parents ran several successful fabric outlets and, as is often the case in family run businesses, I was encouraged to join in and lend a helping hand. Ellen also grew up in a commercial and industrious family. With her amazing sense of style and a knack for business and organisation she formed the perfect compliment to my drive and creativity.

What influences your design style?
As both of us are fond of traveling we get a lot of inspiration from our trips. Inspiration can be found in many different and sometimes unexpected places. We aim to travel to different European cities several times a year. And we always make sure that we visit London at least twice a year. We carefully watch trends in fashion and try and incorporate these into our own collections. And of course art, travel and photography are a constant source of inspiration! Always keep your eyes open and always carry a notebook or camera to quickly record any fabulous ideas you might have on your way.


How would you describe your design style?
Our design style of choice is contemporary with warm, pure elements and straight lines.

Where are you based - town, country?
There are two studios; one of which is located next to our family home in the Hague, the other in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

What does it mean for you to be able to work together as husband and wife?
Working together as husband and wife has always worked well because we work as a well oiled team. We respect each others opinion and complement each others strengths and ideas. I am present from the drawing board via the loom to the shop front. Ellen is mainly involved with collection strategy and the style and colour direction for both brands Carlucci and Chivasso. We always keep each other informed about the happenings of the day. Regardless of where we are or how busy we are, we always communicate about everything and anything.


What inspired the recent Chivasso collection 'Reflections'?
When compiling the collection Reflections we found inspiration in modern lifestyles. People are seeking balance. Classic ideas are given a second leash of life. People are reverting to traditional values. In design we are creating a fusion of the old and the new. We are reinventing old styles and mixing them with modern design and techniques, creating a new harmony. This collection is a reflection of this zeitgeist. The casual, washed and brushed cottons and linens will give your home a well loved and comforting feeling.
The inspiration for the colour-scheme was found in romantic pastels on a base of powdery white. White is around us everywhere and the ultimate design colour. White is timeless and will never be out of fashion.

Reflections ad

What is it about fabric that you love?
The fact that everything is possible with fabrics! You can make the most exciting, luxurious and soothing surroundings just by choosing different textures, colours and patterns of fabrics. It makes it all even more exciting. We love to mix and match to eventually create that warm, comforting and lovable home that every individual searches for.

Thank you to Ellen and Richard for their participation.


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