New Linen TrioApr 23, 2009

We have a new trio of designs in the Linen Archive Book that I'd like to tell you about: they are Kobo, Daishi, and Sosho. Their names are taken from Japanese calligraphy and are inspired by this ancient art. Printed on a gorgeous Italian linen these designs are suitable for heavy upholstery, drapery and accessories. With a colour palette of subtle earth tones it also includes a warm rust and a cerulean blue.


Kobo is your classic broad stripe, which can lend itself to many varied interiors. Daishi, another stripe, is smaller scaled with a trio of contrasting lines. The third design is the abstract Sosho which features dynamic ink strokes that play across the surface.

Daishi Sofa

Call into one of our showrooms or contact us if you are interested in these designs.


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