Wallcovering RevolutionMay 06, 2009

Hot on the heels of Arte's new releases (see last Monday's blog entry) are two extraordinary collections from Hooked On Walls: Glorious Revolution and Liquid Fantasy. As a relative newcomer Hooked On Walls are turning heads with their innovative wallcoverings and these new collections are no exception...


Glorious Revolution's lead design uses a punky lace motif on a heavily textured background. This texture also features in the coordinating designs. The colour palette is broad, from a distinctive olive green and smoky blue to delicate neutrals.

Liquid Fantasy

Liquid Fantasy sees bold graphic design combined with subtle metallics. The main pattern features a large-scaled leaf design with a stunning 'solarized' effect. This collection also has a smart harlequin/plaid type pattern and a wonderful stripe.

Check out the sample books next time you're in our nearest Unique showroom, alternatively one of our sales team would love to call in and hook you up!


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