Waxing about linenApr 08, 2009

For centuries linen has been treated in various ways to alter its appearance and physical properties. 'Beetling' in particular comes to mind, where the surface was pounded to produce a hard flat face with an increased luster. Wax was also applied to linen to create a shiny, more waterproof surface.

In the last few years linen with a 'polished' finish has been a sort-after look and we have several designs which use more modern methods to provide varying degrees of sheen. Three of these designs are included in the new Linen Archives collection: Waxed Linen has the highest shine and, like Lacquer (also in the Archives collection) and Gloss, has a polyurethane coating.


We have a new design called Blake which also has a subtle lustre but is created by a technique called 'schreinering'; essentially a type of calendering process. Blake is available in 10 gorgeous colourways, has a beautiful soft handle for drapery and is an excellent weight for upholstery use. I hope you like it.


So why polish linens? To my mind it imparts linen with a crisp, sophisticated edge, rather than the more home-spun look of an untreated linen. That's why it's a firm favourite in many urban interior schemes designed by our clients.

Have a great Easter.


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