Chivasso's Serenity Mar 24, 2010

Last year we saw Chivasso take a fresh approach when designing Reflections, where themes like romance and femininity were used to describe the collection. Its colour palette was dialed down to more subtle hues with a greater focus on textures and natural fibres. The result was fresh and charming but still had a clean, contemporary look. 

Now Serenity has arrived and they seem to have taken these ideas further. Here's a few images from the press pack to whet your appetite...

Serenity Unique Fabrics

Serenity Unique Fabrics

As you can see colours are pared-back to neutrals and that classic combination of black and white. With plenty of linen content the overall look is very soft and flowing for the drapery, contrasting with crisp, clean upholstery designs. It all comes together to create a casual ease and calm.

Serenity Unique Fabrics 

I want to make special mention of the beautiful wallcoverings in Serenity. The designs range from simple stripes to striking monochromatic florals, which team perfectly with the fabrics. They are a must-see.

Please contact us for more information, we look forward to showing you Serenity.


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