No place like homeMay 24, 2010

It's wonderful to be home again - having just avoided the next round of airport closures. We had a great time at the Milan and Proposte fairs with some very interesting fabric-finds which you will no doubt see over the next 12 months at Unique.

Given the somber economic times in Europe we weren't expecting any radical new trends and sure enough there were no great shifts in favoured textiles, colour palettes or design themes. The velvet and linen we saw a lot of last year is definitely still on-point, as is the colour grey in all its varying tones. Another basic colour we saw a lot of was blue, particularly that lovely dark inky blue I love so much (see Logan, colour Nightblue). Accent colours there included a greenish ochre and an interesting salmon-type pink.

Interest in artisan and handcraft themes continued this year which was also evident in Milan with wooden furniture and panels of wood grain prevalent. In the same vein natural fibres were to the fore at Proposte, particularly linen, often with strong woven textures. Of course all this is Unique Fabrics' cup of tea so we came away confident that we will continue to offer our clients the latest looks.

Unique Fabrics and Proposte 2010


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