Hitting the BarkMay 31, 2010

I'm so excited about Arte's stunning new release Bark Cloth. Not only does it look incredible but it has an interesting story behind it.

Firstly as a finished wallcovering Bark Cloth looks simply amazing. Due to its handcrafted nature each panel is made up of irregular patchworked pieces which have been hand-stitched together to create a unique work of art. I love its warm colours and varying textures.

Bark Cloth Unique Fabrics

As for the Bark Cloth itself; I was delighted to find out that it is indeed the real thing. Better know as tapa in this part of the world, the bark cloth used in this collection is cultivated and hand-processed in Uganda using the fibrous inner bark from the Mutuba fig tree (Ficus natalensis). Here's a youtube clip showing the basics of its harvesting and production...


I'm pleased to learn that the trees are unharmed by this process and go on to provide another layer of bark the following year. Also of note is the 'eco-certified' status of the plantation which produces this cloth for Arte

Making Bark CLoth

Call into one of our showrooms if you'd like to know more about Bark Cloth and see it in all its glory.

Keep an eye out for the ads in Inside Out and Luxury Homes too.


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