The Ultimate RideAug 12, 2010

Now for something completely different but still very close to my heart: Have you heard or read about the Ultimate Ride challenge? In the name of charity (and adventure) Jeremy Burfoot and his team are attempting to ride from London to Sydney on jet-skis. With a total distance of around 31,000 km it's a awesome challenge which will break the world record by a huge 12,000 km. It's had a reasonable amount of press here in New Zealand and the trip can be tracked on their website

Jeremy is a melanoma survivor and has undertaken other ventures in the name of promoting early detection and Sun Smart behaviour. His mission statement is: 'To promote a message of healthy living and cancer prevention and raise funds for cancer research'. To this end each leg of their journey will be sponsored to raise these funds. Unique Fabrics has decided to sponsor 'a named leg' (#100) in loving memory of my husband Laurie who died last year of cancer. I wish Jeremy and his crew the best of luck and hope they reach their goal without too many mishaps - what an amazing adventure ahead of you!  


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