Bullet ProofMar 07, 2011

Some time ago I blogged about interior and exterior textiles and how the distinction between the two are decreasing as yarns become more advanced and furniture pieces (and rooms) become multi-purpose. So with this in mind I'd like to introduce a new stock design which really straddles the indoor/outdoor divide: Bullet - an outdoor/indoor velvet...

Bullet Unique Fabrics

Yes, an outdoor fabric which has a soft pile but also boasts impressive technical qualities: A light fastness of 7 and a terrific 100,000 Martindales. It also sports teflon protection, excellent mould/mildew resistance and low flammability. Bullet proof indeed.

There are 20 different colourways - from earthy neutrals, greens and greys to vibrant pinks and reds. There's a great denim colour too.

For more information about Bullet and our other outdoor fabrics, please call into your nearest Unique showroom or contact your regional sales rep.

Later in the week I'll report in with some more news on outdoor fabrics, until then have a great week.


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