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Originating in the Scottish Lowlands, houndstooth is one of the world's most recognisable woven designs. The pattern is created by a simple twill weave with alternating bands of four dark and four light threads in both warp and weft...

diagram houndstooth

We have two new houndstooth designs on offer: one is a classic houndstooth weave (Chivasso's Charmeur) while Etamine has a less traditional take on this classic:

Houndstooth Etamine

Houndstooth Etamine 2

Houndstooth Etamine 3

The design is called Echappee. As you can see it's houndstooth with a twist where the pattern is embroidered onto a linen/cotton ground. It's available in two vibrant colourways.

For a classic houndstooth check out 'Charmeur' from Chivasso's Blueprint collection. It made an appearance in a recent House & Garden feature on houndstooth (see below). It comes in 14 fabulous colours, ranging from the traditional neutrals through to unconventional combinations.

House Garden Unique Fabrics

Charmeur Unique Fabrics

If you're on the trail for houndstooth contact our sales team for more info.

Have a great week.


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