Indent SpecialsApr 07, 2011

It's time for a clean out of our indent shelf - the shelf where gorgeous indent fabrics end up when there's been some sort of issue with an order: the incorrect colour, the wrong design, a flaw in the fabric etc. Approximately three quarters of the rolls are fault-free, most faulty pieces have very minor flaws. Lengths range from 41.0 metres down to 1.0 metre pieces and everything in between. Each piece has been measured with the faults marked and noted in the specials list.

Indent Fabrics - Sale

Indent Fabrics On Table

Hopefully you received a copy of this list with your most recent invoice? Contact us for information about the conditions which apply, eg there are no cuts - you must buy the whole roll; she will be happy to fill you in.

Don't delay as there are many bargains to be had!


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