New Release: Secret GardenJul 15, 2011

The design team at Hooked On Walls always work with a strong theme when putting together new collections. Their latest, Secret Garden, is no different, with its motifs and colour palette strongly inspired by Japanese culture. Cherry blossoms: check; Cranes: check; Tatami mats: check; Bonsai: check. But of course being a Hooked On Walls collection we've come to expect a contemporary twist...

Cranes Unique Fabrics

Secret Garden offers a wonderful mix of patterns, textures and finishes; from embossed designs with a lacquered finish (Bonsai) to large-scaled patterns, with a touch of shimmering metallics (Cranes).

Secret Garden Selection

The delicate Blossom has a beautiful hand-painted look, evocative of vintage Chinoiserie wallcoverings...

Blossom Unqiue Fabrics

The 'plain' of the collection is an interesting blend of a subtle natural design, almost reminiscent of cork, with a herringbone pattern etched into the surface...

Selection Secret Garden

Finally there's a tatami mat inspired design with an interesting grid pattern...

Woody Secret Garden

For more information you can view the collection page here, or speak to one of our sales team, they can tell you more about Secret Garden.


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