The New BoldAug 29, 2011

Two of our designs make an appearance in a stunning new home featured the latest Inside Out magazine. The interior has a pared-back colour palette and strong linear elements. This is mirrored in the two Unique designs selected: Equinox and Sosho.

Equinox Unique Fabrics Andrew Martin

I love the contrasting textures and shapes: The spiky coral on the glass table, the feathery bamboo alongside the linear elements. The image above sees Andrew Martin's 'Equinox' on the front cushion - a geometrical figured velvet from the Hurricane book. It reminds me of woven rattan or an interlocking Celtic design. Below is Andrew Martin's promo shot for Equinox...

Equinox Unique Fabrics Andrew Martin2

At the bottom of the stairs you get a glimpse of Sosho, colour Platinum. This 100% linen design is from our Linen Archives collection. As you can see it provides an eastern calligraphy look...

Sosho Unique Fabrics

Sosho has been a successful design for us, so much so that we're expanding it's colour range - stay tuned for that in the coming weeks...


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