Red AlertJun 25, 2012

A Winter warming theme for today's post.

Whether you prefer red as a striking accent or want to create an all-enveloping red room we have a fabulous range of fabrics, wallcoverings and trimmings to select from...

Red Fabrics Unique Fabrics

Top from left: Chairs covered in Andrew Martin's Grasset, colour Crimson. Wallcovering: Nomad 95301 from the Cosmopolitan collection.

Middle row: Pondicherry Ikat, colour 335; Drapery trimming: Ikat Tape, col 368.

Bottom from left: Plantation, colour Lacquer on the wall; Chairs: Cape, colour Red. Dining Chair in Carlucci's VIP Lounge Velvet, col 011

Red Fabrics Unique Fabrics 2

Top from left: Sofa: Navaho, colour Red; Front and right cushion: Mohave, colour Red. The dramatic Scoperta, colour 487 by Ardecora.

Middle row: Wallcovering: Traveller, colour Red; Sofa: Portscatho, colour Plume; Cushions: Portloe, colour Lobster Pot and Fenton, colour Red.

Bottom from left: Drapery: Galleon, colour 396. A selection of fabrics by Flamant.

Red Fabrics Unique Fabrics 3

Top from left: Arte's amazing Bark Cloth, colour Red Brown Bark 3003. Bed curtains: the wide width Glacier, colour 853; Bedcovers: Refuge, colour 835. Both designs by Etamine.

Middle row: Andrew Martin's stunning Byzantium, colour Multi.

Bottom from left: A selection from Etamine's latest release. Drapery: Medusa, col 386.

Contact your nearest Unique showroom if you'd like to see a sample of any of these red designs.


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