Riviera - outdoor trimmingsSep 25, 2012

Today we added Riviera to the Houlès section. It's a collection of indoor/outdoor trimmings and fabric. The trimmings are divided into two sections: Unis and Ombré.


As the name suggests the Ombré braids, pipings and fringes have a gorgeous shaded effect. The colour palette is loads of fun, with vibrant blues, oranges, greens, along side some neutrals. These trimmings are primarily viscose with a water resistant coating applied.

I love how they have used the 80mm wide braid in the front cushion and along the side of the squab...

back to back ombre

The Unis range is more pared back with classic fringes, braids, tiebacks and cords, in beautiful muted colours. These are made using tough 100% acrylic yarn...


Talk to our sales team for more information about Riviera.


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