White WallsJul 03, 2012

Our latest ad in Belle is a montage of images from our recent wallcovering releases, featuring the white colourways...

White Walls

The main image is the design Cashmere Lion 20050, from the Rock Baroque collection by Hooked on Walls.

The side images from the top: Big Damask 20151 also from Rock Baroque; Cube 69220 is from Arte's latest contract collection Verde; the next two images are a sneak peek at Arte's upcoming collections Noctis and Oxide. Stay tuned for those.

Here are a few more images which just missed the cut for the ad...

Urban Classic

Above: The Art Nouveau inspired Classical Ornament 16056, from the Urban Classic collection.

Below: Two beautiful designs from Noctis..

Noctis 1

Noctis 2

And finally a stunning metallic/white design from Oxide...


For more information please click on the highlighted links.


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