New MDC open for business!Dec 18, 2013

Our nails are a wreck, we've got bruises, blisters and bumps, but we're done! The Unique Fabrics showroom in the brand new Mainland Design Centre is officially up and running. And it looks fantastic!

In seven days we went from madness to marvelous. Here's some cellphone snaps of the journey...

New MDC 1

Top row: Chasing the cleaners out of the new space

Middle row: Where do we start?!

Bottom row: The minions at work, painting and strapping down the cabinetry.

New MDC 2

Top row: Nearly there, some last minute polishing.

Middle row: An exterior shot from the Peterborough Street entrance.

Bottom row: Samples and flowers in place; Looking through our showroom towards the cafe and reception.

It feels great to be working in a new (and safe!) building with fantastic facilities. We would love to see you there. Hopefully you can find the time before we close for Christmas to call in and check the showroom out - our last day of business is the 23rd. It's on the corner of Madras and Peterborough Streets.

By the way, many thanks to Jill, Albertha and Graeme for your hard work. Next year is going to be great!


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