Unique Tip #1: Contrast PipingDec 15, 2014

Collectively the team at Unique has been around for a while and seen it all! So we thought we'd start a series of brief blog posts, sharing our knowledge and outlining the myriad of do's and don'ts when it comes to interior design fabrics. Here's Tip #1...

Contrast piping: It's a simple idea which can have a huge visual impact. Depending on the colours and level of contrast it can add a playful 'pop', or create a sophisticated look by accentuating lines and unifying a room's colour palette.

contrast 1

However danger is lurking! Depending on the type of fabric you use colours WILL bleed into one another with daily use and the effect of general humidity. Natural fibre fabrics often have a low 'set' where strong colours, particularly indigo based ones can easily transfer - I'm sure you have all seen the effect denim jeans can have on pale shoes and bags.

So cutting to the chase: The colour fastness and colour stability of the fabric MUST be considered when selecting upholstery for soft furnishings with contrast piping (and contrast buttoning for that matter). We recommend using something with a lightfastness rating of at least 7 and colours which have a strong 'set', eg solution dyed acrylic outdoor designs. That way you will avoid the pitfalls of colour transference and keep your colours separate.

contrast 2

contrast 3


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