This week at Unique: Cycle 5 releases!Aug 23, 2015

Spring is nearly here and we're celebrating with fresh new collections which we will be rolling out in the next two weeks. And there's a whole swag of them - both stock and indent ranges. They include outdoor designs, a passementerie collection, edgy prints, classic embroideries, luxury upholstery designs and gorgeous sheers.

I'll start with Chivasso's much anticipated [and very stunning] release called Around The World. As the name suggests it's a collection which encompasses a range of styles and looks, designed to inspire the most well travelled and cosmopolitan. The scope of Around The World is impressive with four separate 'stories': A blue range which includes ombré and stonewashed looks; an outdoor range; a white velvet story, and a textural neutrals range. Here's a few images to inspire. Visit the collection page HERE to see more...

blue ATW

Outdoor ATW

White ATW

Neutral ATW

We have some very exciting additions to our stock range too. Fans of Limoges will be pleased to hear that we have a new take on this immensely popular sheer. It's called Aero and it's basically Limoges which has undergone a special air-blown finish to create a vintage, soft look and touch. This effect increases volume and produces a beautiful billowing look. The colour palette features stunning charcoals and silvers along with the classic white.

This next stock design is definitely a case of 'you-asked-for-it'... Since Patina was released last year we've had many requests to extend the colour range of this luxury chenille. So we've worked with the mill and come up with Patina II. It has five new colourways including a sophisticated charcoal, a white pepper and 3 different greys. They are gorgeous!

Stay tuned for more info about the other new ranges we are releasing this week. On Wednesday I'll show you the new Zimmer+Rodhe release, the stunning new trimmings range from Travers and Charleston, a new stock upholstery collection.


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