On show at Maison et ObjetFeb 23, 2015

Reviewing our visits to Maison et Objet each year is a great way to take stock after filtering out the razzle and visual overload of the vast exhibition halls. So what has remained...

Well Ombré effects are big news, not just on drapery and upholstery but also wallcoverings. It's an exciting look for designers to work with as the ombré shading can be played with in numerous ways: vertically or horizontally, out from the corners of a room, or centred. And it was ombré done on a large scale, either plain or as a backdrop for patterns. We were excited to see Arte's take on this trend - stay tuned for that.



We always take note of the predominant colour palettes of the show. This year there was still a lot of grey used as a foundation colour, perhaps a little more beige/natural about. Accent colours were more mid-tone rather than pastel. A lot of blush/rose tones and citric yellows. Turquoise's popularity continued on from last year - but it was more teal this time round. Navy and indigo hues were also to the fore, particularly for the high-end, classic looks.

Digital printed designs were everywhere, with endless possibilities for large-scaled designs and photographic effects. And not just woven fabrics. We spotted digitally printed leathers, vinyls and wallcoverings.

Contemporary floral designs were popular, often with a gorgeous painterly quality.

Colour, pattern and texture blocking was about. Contrasting fabrics pieced together in stunning ways, eg banding on drapery, blocked bedcovers and cushions. We spotted a lot of buttoning too, often in contrasting colours.

The high-end furniture looks were stunning: very tailored, quite large-scaled, often with glamorous curves and upholstered in deep-piled velvets. Opulent embroidery designs also caught our eye. We felt there was more emphasis on offering various options, allowing interior designers to customise furnishings and designs. I guess this is all enabled by digital manufacturing processes. It's the way of the future!

Contemporary furniture looks were pared-back with slender wooden legs and softer shapes. So still a strong Scando vibe there. Nested coffee tables were everywhere. As was marble, concrete and warm metals, like brass and copper.

Linen and velvet continues to be popular along with crisp and textured cottons. We also noted more wool and wool-blended fabrics about - great news for our wool farmers!

So it will be interesting to see what trickles down to the market in the next 12 months.


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