Presenting Cycle 1 2015Jan 28, 2015

This week we're thrilled to release our first product cycle of 2015. Here's an overview...

Shangri-La - our sophisticated take on the current tropical trend
Rock Star - contemporary upholstery designs
Playtime - a small, and very sweet, children's print range
Rural Retreat - a charming print collection featuring fish, birds and fresh botanical designs
Textilia - a broad selection of exciting looks (available to our Australian clients only)
Ticking A and B - a versatile 100% cotton ticking available in a broad colour palette


Today I'll focus on Shangri-La, a collection that's been in the pipe-line for some time. The initial inspiration came from a watercolour painting Carol commissioned which was then re-coloured and re-scaled into the fabulous design called Shangri-La (above). There are two base-cloth options: a heavy sateen, which perfectly captures the original quality of the watercolour, and a heavy cotton/linen base cloth for a more casual look (Shangri-La Linen).


The two other foliage designs are Indochine (above) and Urban Jungle. Both of them rock a large-scaled dramatic look.

Finally we have a contemporary animal-pelt design called Amazonia. It has a stunning mirrored layout that would make amazing cushions.


Samples and display drops are in our showrooms now - do check them out!


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