Pieces Of My HeartAug 15, 2016

This year's Chivasso release is here! It's called Pieces Of My Heart and it's everything we've come to expect from them: Progressive looks that include bold prints, luxurious textures and up-to-the minute colours, including emerald greens and teals.

Many of the prints have a stunning solarized effect which offers a fresh take on the tropical look (Dream, Dream On and Day Dream). By the way - while there are plenty of strong colour combos Chivasso always include great monochromatic colourways too.

Dream On

Day Dream


There's plenty of upholstery options which also have a gorgeous handle for drapery use. Design include My Love, Pastel Poetry and Kingham...

My ove

Pastel Poetry blog 


A number of the prints use a velvet base cloth, including the stunning Palm Springs and designs from the Boho Sound book (Boho Bliss, Boho Chic, Boho Girl and Bohemian)...

Boho 1

Boho 2

Palm Springs

Next I'll briefly mention Hot Madison Reloaded as we'll be revisiting this design on the blog soon. Chivasso has added the most amazing colours to this perennial favourite. It's such a great cloth, made even better!


Hot Madison Reloaded is the base for the Sunset book which features some handsome stripes (Sunset Strip, Sunset Boulevard and Sunset Plaza)...


Sunset Strip

Finally for fans of rich figured velvets we have the Modern Kingdom book. Love how they've contrasted the raw concrete with the deep, luxurious pile of these designs (Kingsley, King, King George, King Lear and King Henry)...

Modern Kingdom

Visit the collection page HERE. Or called into our showrooms to check out the samples.


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