Unique Story boardsSep 16, 2016

Here are three story or mood boards we put together recently. They feature mainly stock designs. I hope you like them...


Above is a Spring-inspired one. The gorgeous print is Shalimar, colour Blush. The background upholstery designs are Belgravia, colour Citrine and Luxembourg Strie, colour Alabaster. The drapery is the classic Limoges, colour Linen. The two accent plains are Sabi 3, colour 121 and Ariki, colour Nude.


Below is a more sophisticated, urbane story...

Black Linen

The drapery options on the left are two Zambesi Drapery designs Bemba and Zarma. They have that wonderful linen 'wobble' and drape, with scrummy woven textures. Upholstery and accent designs clockwise from top right: Vita, Cambridge, Amazonia, Bowie and Rossi.


Finally we have our new Shikara prints looking stunning surrounded by stock drapery designs...


The prints from the top are Banyan, Giraffe and Shikara, in the Ink colourway. The wide-width drapery designs are Chemise, Billow and Marcel. The upholsteries include two newbies Luxembourg Strié, and Paredon, alongside Timo, Fino, Logan, Loewy and Thaj Flowers. Finally there's Ticking A on the right.


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