Welcome to the world of bespoke digital wallpaper.Jul 13, 2016

We are delighted to bring you two new and very exciting wallcovering collections by Andrew Martin. Both collections utilize the power of digital printing, tailoring designs to fit your project.

First up is The National Gallery Collection which offers you the chance to cover walls with your favourite painting from The National Gallery in London: A Canaletto, Monet or Leonardo, whichever it may be! Andrew Martin has been granted permission under license to re-produce any of the paintings that The National Gallery holds in its permanent collection. These paintings are then printed to fit your wall. Simply go to The National Gallery's image archive and take your pick. For more details about The National Gallery download the brochure here: Australia version, or the New Zealand version.

National Gallery

The Panorama Collection also uses the latest digital printing techniques allowing Andrew Martin to reproduce virtually any image, picture or document for any wall. Simply provide Andrew Martin with a high resolution (at least 300dpi) digital image, picture or document to scan. Like the National Gallery collection this image will be reproduced as a wallpaper to fit your wall(s). Popular subject matter includes maps, personal photographs, newspaper articles and historic paintings - the possibilities of customising your own walls are limitless. For more details about The Panorama Collection download the brochure here: Australia version, or the New Zealand version.


Apart from selecting an image the only thing you must supply is a drawing of your wall with all dimensions clearly stated. Andrew Martin will then email a proof diagram, showing the placement of the artwork and any adjustments/cropping required to the original artwork. Easy-peasy!

The wallcovering itself is a non-woven, paste-the-wall product which meets EN 13501-1:2007, and class 0 and class 1 fire ratings. The rolls are 120cm wide. The inks used are colourfast and the paper can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is suitable for residential and contract use. Delivery is approximately 3 weeks from placement of order.

Imagine the possibilities! What would you choose?


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