Arte's new fabulous fourJun 25, 2017

Let me introduce Arte's new collections: Revera, Vertigo, Occulaire and Spectra. While equally stunning they are all dramatically different from one another, showcasing Arte's breadth of styles and their technical chops. Here's a quick rundown of them...

I'll start with Revera which is the more conventional of the four, featuring printed and flocked patterns inspired by patchwork and embroidery techniques. Of course being Arte the prints use shimmery pigments which come alive in different lighting conditions. And when I say patchwork I literally mean actual patchwork, check out the design Align...

Revera 1

Rectangles of jute cloth have been pieced into strips and mounted onto a backing.

And we love the oriental influence seen in Patch...

Revera 2

See the complete Revera collection HERE.

Arte dials up the glamour with Vertigo. It's a masterclass in the art of handcrafted moiré, on a giant scale. With no two metres alike, the results are stunning!...


There's 15 incredible colours to choose from...


You can check out Vertigo's collection page HERE.

Spectra follows in the successful footsteps of Intrigue, Enigma and Eclipse. It's another thermally embossed range with deep sculptured patterns, including a chevron and a cane lattice look...

Spectra 1

Spectra 3

Yes that is a suede-look cloth on the face - so luxe! See more of Spectra HERE.

Finally we have the stunning Oculaire, a piece-worked grasscloth collection, where each design is painstakingly assembled, a la parquet, to create spectacular patterns. Oculaire's collection page is HERE.

Oculaire 1

Oculaire 2

I actually gasped when I saw Oculaire! Isn't it magnificent! I hope you can make some time to see it in the flesh at one of our showrooms. Alternatively call your Unique rep, they'd love to show it to you. Ditto for anything else I've mentioned here, there's so much to see!


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