Last ordersNov 30, 2017

Below are the estimated cut off dates for shipments prior to Xmas. But please be aware that they are not guaranteed...
Chivasso/ZR/Ado into Australia and Chivasso into NZ: These will continue as fabrics become available. Please let us know if you are not going to be there to receive an order so we can contact our suppliers and schedule the despatch at a later date.
Andrew Martin/Arte/Houles – Please place your orders prior to 6th December.  Any orders after this date would be on the next shipment, and may arrive prior to close down, but this will be very close to our finish date, and might not happen.
Textilia (Australia only).  Orders received up until midday on 20th December should make it on our last shipment out on the 21st December. This of course depends on availability.
Unique Stock orders will be despatched for the last time on the morning of 21st December.
We will endeavour to do our best to get any orders out prior to Xmas, but any problems with flights etc, are beyond our control.

Last order


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