Paper-free futureMay 30, 2017

Over the next few months we're phasing out paper statements and invoices. Instead they'll be winging their way via email - saving on paper, postage and time.

Our mission in the coming weeks is to make sure we have the correct email address for your Accounts contact. Please keep an eye out for a confirmation email heading your way from Akshay. He'll update your details if we don't have the right information.

Paper free

And just a reminder: You can always access your account details 24/7 via our Customer Login Service. It's super easy to use and very helpful for tracking orders, finding out prices, seeing our stock levels and viewing your invoices and statements. All you need to know is your Unique Fabrics Account number to register. Click HERE to open the login page. If you don't know your Account number then just click on the first question on the login page. This will automatically send an email to Akshay who can the your account number to you.


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