Love textile-covered walls? It's easy with ZR's CovertexJul 25, 2019

We love the look of a room with fabric-lined walls, it looks so luxurious and importantly feels luxurious with their sound absorbing and insulating qualities.

Zimmer and Rohde offer an easy to install wall-covering system called Covertex. It's quick and clean and doesn’t require any construction work. The rails are flexible allowing for curves and integration with existing features like power sockets etc. There're so many possible uses, e.g. back wall-covering on wardrobes and shelving units, room dividers, in-set headboards and furniture panels. And of course the fabric designs can be swapped as often as you like - fabulous for retail spaces which work different seasonal looks.

You can read and see more about Covertex on their website HERE.

Covertex 1



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