Velveteen - uber luxe wallcoveringsDec 03, 2019

On its arrival Arte's new collection Velveteen elicited plenty of ooohs and ahhhs from us - it's just so darn luxurious! With its divine velvet surface and the deeply embossed patterns it's Arte's most glamorous collection yet.

And Velveteen is not just for walls. A major trend we spotted in Milan this year was decorative paneling in fittings and furniture pieces. I'm sure it won't be long before we see this collection used for this purpose - wouldn't it look fabulous on the back of a furniture piece or on a reception desk.

Another feature worth mentioning is Velveteen's great acoustic dampening properties. TheseĀ three-dimensional designs are created with an innovative embossed technique using Polyurethane sandwiched between polyester velvet and a non-woven backing - great for absorbing noise.

Ask your Unique Account Manager about the irresistible Velveteen.See the collection page HERE.







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