Houlès Spring/Summer 2020 releasesSep 04, 2020

Houlès has released four new collections: Leopard, Michael Aiduss, Palma and Costa. The first three are passementerie releases and Costa is a hardware range. Today I'll briefly introduce Leopard and Michael Aiduss as they are already up on our website...

Leopard is a collaboration with Houlès and Parisian designer Bambi Sloan. The result is a fabulous collection inspired by the patterns, colours and textures of animal hides. The range includes braiding, piping and a selection of fringing (see the brochure HERE) - everyone needs a bit of leopard pattern in their lives!

Leopard 1

Leopard 2


Michael Aiduss is the eponymous collection designed in collaboration with the renowned architectural and interior designer. Inspired by his love of Greek peristyle and Hellenistic objet d'art the collection offers a huge selection of elegant braids. See the catalog HERE

ma 1

ma 2

ma 3

Be sure to visit the collection pages HERE and ask your Unique Account Manager if you'd like to see the sampling.


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