Celebrate diversity with The Fusionist!Sep 24, 2021

It's here and it's amazing! The Fusionist is Carlucci's extraordinary 2021 release. Their designers started with the following question... "What happens when punk meets baroque." So it's no surprise that this is an edgy, eclectic collection, full of dynamism and irreverence. From tartan to chinoiserie, from moiré to felted wool this inspiring range throws out the rule book and gives full rein to individual creativity.

Click HERE to see the brochure.

There are 48 designs in a rich colour palette and diverse range of textures. And being Carlucci you can count on luxurious velvets and vintage inspired designs. The images below are a small selection of what The Fusionist offers. Visit the collection page HERE to see more of this divine collection.

Call your Unique Account Manager if you'd like to see this fabulous collection.

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