Designer Swatch Box - start your collection...Jul 13, 2021

For the last two years we've been making A5 sized 'Designer Swatches'. They're a user-friendly format for designers who don't have the space for hangers, something small to fit in a file or a reference library.

swatch up


Now we have made a custom storage box for these swatches...


Isn't it smart?!

Of course we only make a limited number of these swatches as new releases go to market. Our Sales Team is allocated a set number of swatches they can place with their clients. Please let them know if you are interested in having a Swatch Box and any designs in particular you'd like to put in it - drapery, upholstery, outdoor fabric etc. Over time your Designer Swatch Box will fill up with useful go-to designs that you can pull out anytime.


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