Code 3 (Outdoor)

Soil resistant - The particular finish of Unique outdoor fabrics favours the elimination of stains. Perfect for the living room, kids rooms and kitchens.
It retains colour & strength - 100% Solution-dyed acrylic fibre resists fading from the sun, water and general atmospheric agents.  Light fastness is 7/8 on the 8 scale. Perfect for garden furniture and all sun rooms. Printed designs are not as light resistant and must be brought indoors after use.
Mould resistant - Suitable even for very damp places like bathrooms, and screened-in porches; it does not promote mildew growth.
Cleaning - Most stains on Unique outdoor fabrics can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Remove the dirt simply by rubbing with water (not more than 40 degrees C) and natural soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove soap.  For removable cushion covers, machine wash in cold water. Do not tumble dry. Eventually, in order to re-establish the natural loss of oil and water repellency, it is advisable to use the spray T202 (obtainable from Unique Fabrics or retailer). Do not stream iron and do not dry with electric sets. Air dry.  During the winter season put the fabric in a dry airy place. For stubborn stains, follow the directions of the Acrylic Stain Cleaning Chart (available from all Unique showrooms and agents).

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