Code 13 (WC-3)

Regular maintenance of your wallcovering reduces soil build-up on a surface.

Gently vacuum wallcoverings regularly with a soft upholstery attachment to thoroughly remove air-borne dust and lint. You may also lightly brush these surfaces with a soft brush. Do not rub or brush excessively.

Vinyl wallcoverings should not be sprayed with protective coatings.

Remove stains immediately to eliminate any possible reaction between the staining agent and wallcovering. If soil remains on the wallcovering, permanent discoloration may develop. Oils, fats and solvent-based stains are not expected to be removable, but some greasy stains may be removed if action is taken immediately after contamination.

Most domestic water based stains can be removed from this wallcovering with a soft, damp cloth, mild soap and warm water. Carefully dampen the surface of the wallcovering prior to cleaning. Gently dab the surface. Do not rub or use a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with clean water from the top down. Blot wallcovering dry with a soft, lint free cloth. Try an inconspicuous spot first before attempting larger areas.

Do not use solvent type cleaning preparations. Do not use steel wool, powdered abrasives or abrasive sponges. Do not use a dry cloth or sponge on the dry wallcovering surface. These methods will damage the surface of the wallcovering.

Storage and Handling:

Deliver wallcovering and adhesive to the job site in unbroken or undamaged containers and clearly marked with the supplier's identification label. Store wallcoverings in a flat position to avoid damage to roll ends. Store materials in a clean, dry storage area with temperature maintained above 13C with normal humidity. DO NOT CROSS STACK THIS PRODUCT.

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