Design Wishful
Colours CA1626/020, CA1626/021, CA1626/022, CA1626/030, CA1626/031, CA1626/050, CA1626/060, CA1626/061, CA1626/062, CA1626/070, CA1626/071, CA1626/080, CA1626/091, CA1626/092, CA1626/093, CA1626/099
Width 150cm approx
Comp 75% Wool, 13% Polyester, 10% Polyamide, 2% Polyacrylic
Repeat V Nil H Nil
Weight 540.0g/lm
Origin Europe
Usage Heavy Domestic
Collection The Fusionist (Carlucci)
Description Plain Upholstery
Care Code
Rub Test 30000 Martindale Rubs
Light Test Lightfastness: 4-5


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  • CA1626/020 CA1626/020
  • CA1626/021 CA1626/021
  • CA1626/022 CA1626/022
  • CA1626/030 CA1626/030
  • CA1626/031 CA1626/031
  • CA1626/050 CA1626/050
  • CA1626/060 CA1626/060
  • CA1626/061 CA1626/061
  • CA1626/062 CA1626/062
  • CA1626/070 CA1626/070
  • CA1626/071 CA1626/071
  • CA1626/080 CA1626/080
  • CA1626/091 CA1626/091
  • CA1626/092 CA1626/092
  • CA1626/093 CA1626/093
  • CA1626/099 CA1626/099