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Hot Madison

CH1249/011, CH1249/012, CH1249/013, CH1249/020, CH1249/022, CH1249/037, CH1249/045, CH1249/050, CH1249/052, CH1249/055, CH1249/059, CH1249/061, CH1249/062, CH1249/063, CH1249/072, CH1249/073, CH1249/075, CH1249/076, CH1249/077, CH1249/079, CH1249/080, CH1249/081, CH1249/082, CH1249/088, CH1249/094, CH1249/130, CH1249/133, CH1249/134, CH1249/135, CH1249/139, CH1249/183, CH1249/184, CH1249/185, CH1249/186, CH1249/245, CH1249/404, CH1249/419, CH1249/420, CH1249/424, CH1249/459, CH1249/469, CH1249/471, CH1249/476, CH1249/490, CH1249/495, CH1249/497, CH1249/499, CH1249/509, CH1249/517, CH1249/521, CH1249/524, CH1249/528, CH1249/694, CH1249/695, CH1249/696, CH1249/697, CH1249/697, CH1249/698, CH1249/699, CH1249/700, CH1249/701, CH1249/702, CH1249/703, CH1249/704, CH1249/705, CH1249/706, CH1249/707, CH1249/708, CH1249/709, CH1249/710, CH1249/711, CH1249/712, CH1249/713, CH1249/714, CH1249/716, CH1249/717, CH1249/718, CH1249/719, CH1249/720, CH1249/721, CH1249/722, CH1249/723, CH1249/724, CH1249/884, CH1249/894, CH1249/897, CH1249/898, CH1249/906, CH1249/934, CH1249/987, CH1249/988, CH1249/991, CH1249/992, CH1249/993, CH1249/994
140cm approx
63% Cotton, 37% Linen
V Nil H Nil
Plain Upholstery
Heavy Domestic, Drapery, Accessories
(Unique By Chivasso)
Care Code:
Care Code 2

Regular Care

Protect from direct sunlight. Vacuum regularly using low suction. Rotate reversible cushions regularly.


Clean with hot water extraction machine recommended. Professional cleaning recommended.

OR - Shampoo clean. Do not remove cushion covers for cleaning even though they have zippers. Use upholstery detergents only. Do not use dishwashing or laundry detergents. Do not scrub with a stiff brush. Dry in shade away from direct heat and sunlight. Gently vacuum to restore pile. Allow to dry thoroughly before reuse.

OR - Cleaning with an on site drycleaning machine recommended. Professional cleaning only. Do not wet filling with solvent. Extract solvent thoroughly after application. Do not scrub with a stiff brush.

Spot Cleaning

Clean as above. Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Gently remove any soil or mop any liquid from the surface of the fabric. Do not scrub. Apply proprietary cleaners according to instructions. Do not saturate the fabric or fill with water or other cleaning fluids.

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Hot Madison
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COLOURS: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that colours correspond closely to those sampled, we cannot guarantee to match exactly.

WIDTHS & REPEATS are variable from batch to batch, as a consequence the dimensions given above are approximate. If these dimensions are critical please request a check from current stock & place a reserve.



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  • CH1249/050 CH1249/050
  • CH1249/469 CH1249/469
  • CH1249/471 CH1249/471
  • CH1249/719 CH1249/719
  • CH1249/183 CH1249/183
  • CH1249/720 CH1249/720
  • CH1249/088 CH1249/088
  • CH1249/184 CH1249/184
  • CH1249/721 CH1249/721
  • CH1249/185 CH1249/185
  • CH1249/714 CH1249/714
  • CH1249/020 CH1249/020
  • CH1249/499 CH1249/499
  • CH1249/419 CH1249/419
  • CH1249/695 CH1249/695
  • CH1249/077 CH1249/077
  • CH1249/079 CH1249/079
  • CH1249/045 CH1249/045
  • CH1249/404 CH1249/404
  • CH1249/709 CH1249/709
  • CH1249/509 CH1249/509
  • CH1249/528 CH1249/528
  • CH1249/697 CH1249/697
  • CH1249/698 CH1249/698
  • CH1249/699 CH1249/699
  • CH1249/703 CH1249/703
  • CH1249/700 CH1249/700
  • CH1249/490 CH1249/490
  • CH1249/013 CH1249/013
  • CH1249/704 CH1249/704
  • CH1249/701 CH1249/701
  • CH1249/706 CH1249/706
  • CH1249/705 CH1249/705
  • CH1249/898 CH1249/898
  • CH1249/130 CH1249/130
  • CH1249/707 CH1249/707
  • CH1249/712 CH1249/712
  • CH1249/711 CH1249/711
  • CH1249/708 CH1249/708
  • CH1249/710 CH1249/710
  • CH1249/713 CH1249/713
  • CH1249/897 CH1249/897
  • CH1249/716 CH1249/716
  • CH1249/894 CH1249/894
  • CH1249/063 CH1249/063
  • CH1249/696 CH1249/696
  • CH1249/991 CH1249/991
  • CH1249/524 CH1249/524
  • CH1249/459 CH1249/459
  • CH1249/987 CH1249/987
  • CH1249/495 CH1249/495
  • CH1249/476 CH1249/476
  • CH1249/988 CH1249/988
  • CH1249/694 CH1249/694
  • CH1249/420 CH1249/420
  • CH1249/517 CH1249/517
  • CH1249/497 CH1249/497
  • CH1249/717 CH1249/717
  • CH1249/722 CH1249/722
  • CH1249/993 CH1249/993
  • CH1249/994 CH1249/994
  • CH1249/934 CH1249/934
  • CH1249/724 CH1249/724
  • CH1249/424 CH1249/424
  • CH1249/884 CH1249/884
  • CH1249/022 CH1249/022
  • CH1249/082 CH1249/082
  • CH1249/139 CH1249/139
  • CH1249/245 CH1249/245
  • CH1249/702 CH1249/702
  • CH1249/718 CH1249/718
  • CH1249/992 CH1249/992
  • CH1249/052 CH1249/052
  • CH1249/076 CH1249/076
  • CH1249/081 CH1249/081
  • CH1249/012 CH1249/012
  • CH1249/061
  • CH1249/080 CH1249/080
  • CH1249/055 CH1249/055
  • CH1249/135 CH1249/135
  • CH1249/037 CH1249/037
  • CH1249/059 CH1249/059
  • CH1249/186 CH1249/186
  • CH1249/906
  • CH1249/133 CH1249/133
  • CH1249/062 CH1249/062
  • CH1249/072 CH1249/072
  • CH1249/134 CH1249/134
  • CH1249/011 CH1249/011
  • CH1249/073 CH1249/073
  • CH1249/075 CH1249/075
  • CH1249/521 CH1249/521
  • CH1249/094 CH1249/094
  • CH1249/723 CH1249/723